Accounting and information Systems Staff
PAMELA KIRBY / Controller
Pamela Kirby is the firm's Chief Financial Officer and Controller. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland. Ms. Kirby supervises all activities and personnel in areas of corporate and property financial and accounting matters, as well as the main office support staff in the computer center. Ms. Kirby is primarily responsible for scheduling and supervision of the administrative flow in the following areas:

• Monthly Accounting Reports
• Budget Monitoring
• Profit and Loss Reports and Evaluations
• Bank Reconciliations
• Payroll and Payroll Reporting/Returns
• Resident Rental Subsidy Vouchering
• Security Deposit Administration
• Year End Audits

Ms. Kirby's experience is enhanced by her background of 15 years with a commercial construction company with an annual corporate income of $10 million.

DEREK LEE / Director, Management Information Systems
Derek Lee has over fifteen years of property management experience in computer programming and customer system support. He previ¬ous¬ly held a position as a systems analyst for a nationwide restau¬rant chain.

Mr. Lee holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Tourism Business from the Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan. He also holds an MBA degree from George Washington University in Washing¬ton, DC. Mr. Lee has also earned an Assisted Housing Manager certificate in the HUD Subsidized Multifamily Housing Program.

Mr. Lee is an active CPA in the State of Maryland. He is also a member of the Maryland Association of CPA's, and the American Institute of CPA's.


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