Compliance Staff
RHIANNON DUNN / Compliance and Training Director
Rhiannon Dunn joined the CTG in July 2000. She is responsible for coordination between the CTG working groups, property ownership, asset managers and compliance monitoring agencies. Ms. Dunn has been actively involved in hospitality, resort and multifamily real estate development and management for twenty-six years. Prior to joining the CTG (1995-2000), Ms. Dunn served as Executive Assistant and Asset Administrator at Creative Choice Homes, Inc. a national developer of affordable housing. In this position Ms. Dunn was actively involved in the preparation of applications for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, Tax-Exempt Multifamily Bonds and other competitive funding program applications. Ms. Dunn was also responsible for compiling underwriting materials, preparing due diligence packages and meeting other lender requirements for new properties. As properties were placed in service, she worked closely with property management (including the CTG since November 1996) to monitor compliance issues, assist in grant writing, social service programming and on-going property improvements.

Ms. Dunn attended the Journalism program at Point Park College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a Certified Credit Compliance Professional (C3P), a National Compliance Professional-Executive (NCP-E), and a Tax Credit Compliance Specialist (TaCCs). Ms. Dunn has completed Low Income Housing Tax Credit Certification Programs in Florida, North Carolina and Georgia. Ms. Dunn has also earned her Assisted Housing Manager (AHM), Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS), Certified Occupancy Specialist-Public Housing and Site Based Budget Specialist (SBBS) certifications.

RYAN TRETTER / Senior Compliance and Training Manager
Ryan Tretter joined the CTG in January 2005. Mr. Tretter's eye for detail and desire to make systems, processes and people work as effectively and efficiently as possible made him a natural fit for compliance. Mr. Tretter is responsible for updating and streamlining compliance practices through drafting and implementing policy and procedures, as well as managing our document library. Mr. Tretter is also responsible for the development, coordination and delivery of in-house training classes which are tailored to our specific compliance needs and offered multiple times a year. For our HUD properties he plays a crucial role in implementation and oversight of the Enterprise Income Verification System (EIV) as well as Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) preparation and responses. In addition, Mr. Tretter prides himself on his strong knowledge of our software, Bostonpost Property Manager, and providing our field staff with the support, tools, resources and information they need to be successful.

Mr. Tretter has earned Assisted Housing Manager (AHM) and Certified Occupancy Specialist-Pubic Housing (COS-P) certifications.

DAVID KATZ / Compliance and Training Manager
David Katz joined the CTG in April 2002. Portfolio wide, he is involved in site level compliance with all affordable programs. Mr. Katz conducts in-house file inspections, site inspections, and training. In addition, Mr. Katz is involved with investor and agency monitoring and correspondence.

Prior to working with the CTG, Mr. Katz was a National Sales manager for a gift manufacturer. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, VA. Mr. Katz is a National Compliance Professional (NCP), a Tax Credit Compliance Specialist (TaCCS), a Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS) and an Assisted Housing Manager (AHM).

LISA DEWYNGAERT /Compliance and Training Manager
Lisa Dewyngaert joined The CT Group in 2015 as a Compliance and Training Manager. Ms. Dewyngaert came to The CT Group from MRI where she managed all the training materials, training and e-learning for BostonPost, MRI Software, Resident Connect and Prospect Connect. Ms. Dewyngaert joined MRI as part of their acquisition of BostonPost where Lisa had started in client support and quickly advanced to Senior Manager of the Training Department. Prior to her tenure with MRI/BostonPost Ms. Dewyngaert spent 7 years in residential property management as a site manager.


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